Amalfi town

It often takes a special story or a meal to make me fall head over heels for a city. Not Positano. I fell in love before I even stepped off the bus that was making me car sick.

Rounding a corner to see that view…


Strolling around Amalfi town.


Stepping off that bus and winding down a million stairs, before ascending an equal amount before my hotel, you couldn’t wipe the wonder off my face. It was pure heaven and a longing to experience this town with such special people. My hotel, Hotel Savoia, was totally adorable and perfect for me travelling solo. My favourite part was the breakfast and how they knew what coffee I liked.

And the tiles. I liked those tiles.

Positano had my heart from bar Franco Aperol spritz cocktails at Le Sireneuse…Heart shaped pizzas and waiters singing love songs at Chez Black and ravioli at Les Tres Sorelle along the glittering water and the view you get pushing back into the ocean and looking back on the city…the church bells every hour…the chink of forks and spoons into pasta…The wandering, bronze bodies and bright swimwear slurping gelato…

Hardly an utter of english around me. I was immersed and in love with Positano.


Ravello and Amalfi town, as well as the trips there, were stunning.

I love these perfect umbrellas like rainbow meringue tops.


And the boat! What a view. Our cabana boy Alex (not really – Denise’s boyfriend who is a total gem) did the leg work to showcase the view. There is no other way to see these gorgeous towns than from the water itself.


Isle of Capri was a must to be La Grotta Azzura (the Blue Grotto) off a tiny boat.

But it is strictly forbidden to swim in La Grotta Azzura. Naughty!


Isle of Capri was only one night, but one beautiful night and day. Home made and warm waffle cones and gelato, amazing pasta, people-watching the wealthy and the beautiful on the piazza.

But unfortunately…. Sad goodbyes after a wonderful trip.

But we will be back ❤️

EC xx

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