10 exciting things that happened before June 

Classic me – I wrote this post a month ago and now I’m posting it! Pretend it’s the beginning of June…now close your eyes…
 Despite this dreary, cloudy, windy day here in London I feel really positive about a shift in the last few months. The last month or so I’ve felt a little flat, like something was missing. It was a gentle reminder to go back and think about what I’m grateful for which instantly put me in a better mood. Have you ever felt that? When some things not quite right? Well…it’s gone now…thank goodness.
Here goes:
1) I went back home to Australia…and spent the week with my close friends, family and old colleagues. Sun + love. Bliss.

2) I took Will to Majorca for his bday and followed it up with a trip to Berlin.This holiday was so magic… it involved sunbaking by a stunning seaside on the tiny beach called Illetas, driving through squiggly roads and orange trees from Palma to Port de Soller to sail through the ocean at sunset, wound through mountains to small towns to eat delicious, local food. It was one of the most relaxing 4 days of my life and Majorca has a special spot in my heart. Berlin was way more depressing than I thought it would be! See more of my Berlin post below.   

3) I started a new job in brand, marketing and communications…decided to scratch the itch I have had and start matching my knowledge of change management and people engagement to do this 100% of the time. L o v e i t.  

4) I went back in time to a prohibition party with a fabulous girlfriend of mine… we boogied, shimmied and cocktailed the night away in sparkly dresses and feathers. I did catch a might bus home for 88 mins though (less glamorous yet very entertaining). 

  5) We moved flat and I fell in love with Ladbroke Grove…it was time for a change of scenery and our lease was up so we moved to Ladbroke Grove, which is basically in Notting Hill here in London. Oh my. Soooo London! So many posh people, weirdos, soul, gorgeous houses, tiny alleys, markets, coffee… I’ve fallen in love already and it’s only been 3 weeks    

6) I hurt my ankle and quit the gym…and also admitted to myself that the more exercise I do, the more I eat! 

7) Shared a bottomless Prosecco brunch with 2 of my favourite colleagues… we giggled for 5 hours over fabulous bubbles and conversation. 


8) I went to Sitges in Spain for work...and spent the weekend in Barcelona to get in the mood!

9) I drank wine and explored Tuscany…in a Fiat. The weekend was full of rolling hills, nature, fireflies, amazing wine, wineries, outdoors, sunsets, shorts and sandals and incredible views. There were many moments of perfection.

10) Spring started…the sun, the flowers and that beautiful London buzz is back. I survived my first winter and fell back in love with London.                                          

Enjoy the pretty pictures. 100 more top things to come I’m sure.
EC xx 

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