First day fever

Day one of my new job. It went a little something like this…

5:45am – alarm went off. Pressed snooze.

5:54am – second alarm. Remembered that I actually have to work today and that I can’t press snooze again.

6am – 20 mins vinyasa yoga with Adriane on YouTube. Just loving her videos and cute accent! Thanks to the bog Heidi Apples for the link .

6:30am – shower and wrestle with my long hair to sweep it into a first day I’m-here-to-kick-butt bun.

7am – breakfast. Yoghurt with berries and museli. Lemon and hot water went down a treat.

7:30 am – ran for bus (nothing changes).

8:00am – coffee at my favourite haunt on Eagle St, Aquila. Bless those waiters. They knew it was my first day and gave me a cute long smiley macc with 2 wafers. Great start.

8:30am – arrive and admire the view from my new building. Hopefully I’ll upload a pic soonish!

8:30am – 12:30pm – a flourish of coffees, meeting people and admin.

12:30pm – a delish lunch. Smoked chicken, endive and pancetta salad. I left half of the croutons on the bowl.. And dipped the rest in the poached egg yolk on top of my amazing salad.

1:30-5:30pm – more flourishes of admin and meeting people.

So far, so good. That other part of me is that amazing uncertainty of the exciting opportunities that await me. That feeling of coming in at a higher rank, and not knowing what it means. I have posted a quote in my room for the week, that says “something that is inside me is greater than any obstacle”. Sure is. It’s so easy to get caught up with that voice inside our head telling us it’s not ok and that you must be certain. We can’t stifle our creativity. We need to be open and embrace what lies ahead of us while staying on the present.

What about you, what does your first day fever look like? Is it exciting, mind boggling, take a deep breath and enjoy? Or do you shake from the stress?

Have a wonderful week everyone.

EC xx

My cute coffee