In London, come Winter…

Over the last 3 months the sky in London has gone from fresh blue and sunny, to sunny and dusty in the hottest day of the year (34 degrees, even coming from Brisbane the heat of the underground shocked me), to beautiful fall leaves and now to grey skies one minute and belting wind the next. 

It’s novel for now, this weather thing but my body has been in complete shock through the changing seasons. Here’s 5 things I do differently in the northern hemisphere. 

1. Sleep 

Can’t stop sleeping. For those of you who already know me really well, I cannot sit still unless I’m laying on the beach, drinking my coffee or nose is hidden in a good book. My favourite time of day is dawn and I can speak 1000 miles an hour at 7am (much to Will’s disappointment). Come autumn in London, the sun started to rise after 730am and now I just want to sleep. 

rugged up

It’s important to go with the body clock when the seasons change. One thing I need to stop doing is fighting the urge to exercise vigorously when it’s this cold. It’s more about yoga, walking, jogging when it’s sunny and wrapping up when it’s not. The gym is much busier at this time of year. Less better things to do? 

2. Slow cook  

lentil chilli courtesy of nourish atalier

My second favourite investment has been my slow cooker. For £25 I can fill the house with the smell of Coq au vin, cinnamon apple oatmeal and chilli and tuck into it within an hour of coming home. My favourite recipe is taken from Nourish Atelier and must be my favourite to boot. Not to mention the sweet smells of raisin bagels and porridge first thing in the morning that call my name with coffee. 

3. Cuddle. 

Enough said, I just can’t get enough of them. If Mamma was here I would get double.

4. Inside / outside / inside / outside 


wandsworth park – my local

A typical afternoon might look like this… 

  • Walk to brekky (outside) 
  • Eat brekky and coffee (inside) 
  • Walk back home (outside) 
  • Thaw out for half hour and put on more clothes (inside) 
  • Walk to tube station (outside) 
  • Be on tube (inside) and then get too hot 
  • Go for a walk, shopping, wandering (outside) 
  • Stop for a roast and mulled wine (inside) 
  • Not want to go outside (inside) 

It’s lucky that there are so many museums and warm pubs and bistros to sit and people watch. Makes outside time much more bearable!! 

rambling in the cotswolds
4. Eat 

I’m not really friends with salad at the moment. Maintaining figure means small portions of the good stuff. Champagne has less calories…

5. Enjoy the Christmas spirit

You know how when you were younger there was always fairy lights, mince pies and turkeys at Christmas? For years I have been very happy with the beach and cold Christmas lunch and breakfast with my big beautiful family. One day I cannot wait to share the twinkle, the festive cheer and the huge emphasis that London has on Christmas and making it truly special. Jolly fun. 


6. Get white 

I’ve not yet invested in a spray tan but I am damn well close. 

So many comfy, twinkly, celebratory, belly-filling aspects of Londons winter. 

EC xx

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