32 hours in Bruges

Belgium has been receiving a lot of bad press lately given the recent discovery of less – than – ideal inhabitants in Brussels. Our trip to Bruges has been booked for months and thankfully we were still brave and keen enough to catch our Eurostar to Brussels on our way
to Bruges for one night. So glad we did… For 32 hours we basically ate, drank and walked. The not so grate part was that even after walking so much will and I both got sick from (presumably) too much foreign food. A week later we finally have our appetite back and can eat without feeling awfully sick. 
32 hours…ok go! 

First stop was The Habit to devour the biggest plates of moules (mussels) you have ever seen. I had the Flemish stew, which I was told was made of “lots of dark Belgium biiieeerrrrrrr, some spices, cooked for long time, with beef”. Highly recommended with a glass of white wine and finished with espresso and chocolate moose to die for. The restaurant was so charming and the perfect introduction to Belgium. 

I have a thing for bells. They usually inspire me or make me cry, not unlike fireworks. What is with that? Not stopping us, we climbed the 400 steps to the top of the Bruges Belfry tower… Legs burning, lungs heaving after a big lunch….


a sigh at the top
It was totally worth it for sunset. And the amazing cello player in the courtyard who had me in a trance. 

not really alone

The Christmas markets were beautiful, tourists flock here annually to sip mulled wine and nibble on waffles. Waffles were on my number 1 to do list for Bruges. Tick! 


market magic
We sampled Belgian beers in a cute pub called Brugs Beertje followed by a meal of meat, so much meat, at De Hobbit, whilst watching all you can eat ribs be charred on hot coals, warming us all the way to the table. 


the way to go!
Hours 24-36 involved simply wandering around Bruges to old museums, along the canal and through the cobblestone streets, sampling and purchasing the many chocolate options Bruges has to offer. Did I mention that I think I saw 10 cars and about 1000 bikes? Seems like the way to get around!


It truly is a mélange of France, Germany and Belgium itself – such impressive locals who are able to speak all 3 languages. Highly recommend that you visit Bruges at the magical time of year that is Christmas if you would like to see twinkly lights, eat delicious, warming food for the soul and be amazed by a mix of rich cultures and history. 
EC xx

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